Third Party Administration Services for Mississippi, Alabama, Gulf Coast USA, Florida & surrounding areas

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TPA Services by Millette Administrators, Inc.

For more than a half-century, Millette Administrators, Inc. has provided Third-Party Administration services. Our vast experience enables us to offer comprehensive services to meet a variety of needs. From insurance claims to the various aspects of employee benefit plan administration and so much more, the professionals at Millette Administrators, Inc. continue to build on a legacy of excellence in meeting the TPA service needs of clients throughout Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and many surrounding areas.

TPA Services At A Glance

A Third-Party Administrator, or TPA, handles a host of administrative responsibilities for a variety of organizations. A TPA may be charged with insurance claims oversight or the administration of 401K plans, while another company may employ a TPA to handle employee benefit and insurance administration.

Millette Administrators, Inc. specializes in administration services that meet the employee benefit and insurance needs of a variety of companies spanning many different industries. Our team of seasoned professionals has the practical training, experiential knowledge and Industry understanding to deliver uncompromising service.

Outsourcing: The Smart, Cost-effective Option

More and more companies have discovered the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing many of the day to day administrative tasks that traditionally place a heavy burden on staff; especially HR personnel. By outsourcing the administration of employee benefit plans, employee insurance claims and other insurance related tasks, companies reduce the workload of their existing staff, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Outsourcing is much more cost-effective then the expense of hiring, training, ensuring and maintaining additional employees.

Should your needs change, Millette Administrators, Inc. changes with you, providing additional services or altering existing services as your company evolves.

Services Designed With Your Needs In Mind

Millette Administrators, Inc. offers a host of services designed to alleviate your workload. From claims administration to the development and administration of flexible spending accounts, Health Spending and Health Reimbursement Accounts, our team handles it all. We can assist with Cobra Administration from start to finish, ensuring that the complete process is verifiable for your protection. Our TPA process is tailored to improve your company’s efficiency while doing so in a very cost-effective manner.

These services include:

  • Verification of Coverage
  • Letters of Credit
  • Claims Payment
  • Claims Analysis
  • Communications with Participants
  • Consultation on Plan Benefits and Structure Design
  • Consultation with the Plan Actuary
  • Negotiation with Primary Insurers and/or Re-Insurers
  • Preparation of Bid Specifications and Evaluations
  • Reporting of Experience Data
  • Plan Booklet Preparation
  • Preparing and Filing Reports with all Governmental Agencies
  • COBRA Administration