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Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Administration by Millette Administrators, Inc.

Perhaps one of the most admirable features of the Taft-Hartley Trust Fund is the collective approach of employers coming together with unions in order to establish a fund that shares a common good. Formed as a result of a collective bargaining agreement, the Taft-Hartley Act addressed unfair labor practices. Taft-Hartley Trust Funds were established under Section 302 of the Taft-Hartley Act. This section of the Labor Management Relations Act was enacted by Congress to regulate payments from employers to the union representatives of their employees. Ultimately, this resulted in a fair and equitable way to establish and administer a trust fund that was equitable for all parties involved.

In order to establish total compliance with multiple federal requirements as well as plan guidelines, the proper and professional administration of these plans is absolutely vital.

Experience Makes The Difference

The professionals at Millette Administrators, Inc. have the professional training and experience necessary to ensure the needs of all parties are met when it comes to the administration of Taft-Hartley Trust Funds. From plan administrator to trustees, Millette Administrators, Inc. focuses on providing unparalleled, professional administrative services with a personal touch. The same attention is given to the membership of the fund. Our goal is the satisfaction of each and every participant.

Our Job is Making Your Job Easier

Whether you’re a large Fortune 500 Corporation or a small independent company, every business needs assistance. Taft-Hartley Administration is an area in which very few companies have the understanding, training or experience to handle on their own.

At Millette Administrators, Inc, our focus is on managing the process of Taft-Hartley Administration so that you can invest your time, skills and resources on building your business. From state laws to ERISA regulations, our seasoned professionals have vast experience in maneuvering through the veritable minefield of requirements to ensure total regulatory compliance.

The risk involved in the improper handling of these critical details can result in a nightmare situation for non-compliant companies. Millette Administrators, Inc. works hard and smart to ensure successful administration.

Local Focus, National Understanding

Although Millette Administrators, Inc. is a locally owned corporation; our expertise has been acquired through extensive industry-specific training. Our knowledge of effective and efficient Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Administration has earned us a reputation for delivering excellent service in a very cost-efficient manner