About Millette Administrators, Inc: Employee Benefit Administration, Group Life Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Taft-Hartley Trust Administration, Cafeteria plans and more.

Only The Best Can Deliver The Best

Since 1960, our greatest asset has been our staff. We have always understood that the individuals who work for and represent Millette Administrators, Inc. are the backbone of all we do. Our ability to develop relationships based on professional trust and confidence is predicated on the talent and dedication of our staff. That’s why each and every individual at Millette Administrators, Inc. are among the best in the industry. Years of experience, specialized training and a certain personal dedication to doing the best job possible set our staff a part from the rest. Their ability to apply what they know for the benefit of our clients is the reason Millette Administrators, Inc. occupies a position of leadership in Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Administration, as well as the group insurance and employee benefit arena.

Community-Based, Community-Minded

As a locally owned and operated organization, Millette Administrators, Inc. has a vested interest in the financial health, security and ongoing growth and development of our community. As an active member of the Jackson County Community Coastal area, Millette Administrators, Inc. provides successful security and risk management options to businesses and individuals throughout our service areas. Our personal approach and professional dedication have resulted in the development of many solid relationships, which is the foundation of our business and the power behind the community in which we live.

Our investment in our community continues beyond the walls of our agency. Millette Administrators, Inc. takes pride in supporting many worthwhile Community projects including, but not limited to, the United Way, many local youth athletic programs and a variety of other youth-oriented activities.

An Open Letter to You

It was 1960 when Millette Administrators, Inc. began serving clients throughout the Gulf Coast. Gasoline was $0.25 a gallon, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president and Ben-Hur had just been released in theaters across the country. Before cellular phones, before the internet and even fax machines, Millette Administrators, Inc. was working to make sure our customers had the very best in insurance products and services. Technology has allowed us to reach further, dig deeper and work better and faster than ever before. Our highly automated office center is a far cry from our humble beginnings. However, there are some foundational things that haven’t changed and never will. We still invest personally in developing relationships with our clients so have the understanding necessary to meet individual needs. We still believe there is no substitute for people when it comes to providing personal service. We still employ the industry’s best staff…and we still measure our success by your satisfaction. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to helping you!

Millette Administrators, Inc.

Options That Meet Your Needs

Millette Administrators, Inc. is a third-party administrator and group benefit insurance agency. We administer Taft-Hartley employee benefit plans and procure group life, health, dental and other group insurance products, as well as administer cafeteria plans. We have earned a reputation for excellence in administering Taft-Hartley trust funds.

Throughout a wide range of industries, Millette Administrators, Inc’s client base is an extremely diverse group of businesses with equally diverse needs. The only way to ensure that our clients receive the best available solution is for us to access a host of options from a variety of insurance providers. Unlike captive agencies who are limited to one insurance provider, Millette Administrators, Inc. has developed relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance companies, enabling us to compare and contrast numerous products to determine the most viable and effective option for each client.

In order to provide a continuity of service that meets our exacting standards, Millette Administrators, Inc. carefully evaluates each insurance company in our portfolio. The bottom line is that we don’t work for an insurance company… we work for you.