Employee Benefit Administration, Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Administration, Group Life Insurance for Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Gulf Coast USA, and surrounding areas


Trust, Experience, Commitment

Since 1960, Millette Administrators, Inc. has been a leader in providing cost-effective Insurance products and services to clients throughout the Gulf Coast, as well as many areas in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Client-focused dedication and the ability to consistently evolve as the insurance environment and employee benefit arena change has enabled us to maintain a leadership position and continuous growth as a third-party administrator and group life/employee benefit insurance agency. Our personal commitment to ongoing education, marketplace analysis and product review ensure that Millette Administrators, Inc. always represents the best that the industry has to offer.

The Best of Both Worlds

Technological advancement has created a new world of efficiency throughout the insurance industry. Millette Administrators, Inc. has embraced technology that is mutually beneficial, improving our ability to deliver expedient results while retaining that personal approach that fosters trust by building relationships. We do not replace personal service with technology: we make it better.

Experienced Taft-Hartley Administrators

Millette Administrators, Inc. have the knowledge and experience necessary in the administration of Taft-Hartley trust funds to ensure total compliance with local and federal requirements. Wading through plan administration requirements can be overwhelming. Our experienced staff brings clarity and simplicity to the process, offering cost-effective and efficient services. From preparation and distribution of documents to the proper handling of meeting agenda and minutes, you can trust the professionals at Millette Administrators, Inc. with your Taft-Hartley trust fund administration needs.

Solutions Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Providing an insurance product is not a complicated task. Providing the right Insurance product to meet a company’s particular need is an altogether different scenario. Delivering skilled third-party administration service is equally complicated, requiring a specific skill set, intimate product knowledge and the ability to articulate complex information in a manner that achieves the desired results. Both require professional dedication and significant time investment. Our professionals approach each scenario individually. There is no cut and paste solution, no one-size-fits-all program. Instead, Millette Administrators, Inc. delivers customized solutions designed with your company in mind.

Versatility Through Independence

The insurance marketplace represents a wide and diverse arena of products and solutions. While many insurance agencies represent a single insurance company, Millette Administrators, Inc. works with multiple insurance providers. This increased diversity of providers enables us to provide a more tailored and personal solution to each client. We place the focus on analyzing your needs and creating a program that fills them.

Our Services Include:

  • Verification of Coverage
  • Letters of Credit
  • Claims Payment Claims Analysis
  • Communications with Participants
  • Consultation on Plan Benefits and Structure Design
  • Consultation with the Plan Actuary
  • Negotiation with Primary Insurers and/or Re-Insurers
  • Preparation of Bid Specifications and Evaluations
  • Reporting of Experience Data
  • Plan Booklet Preparation
  • Preparing and Filing Reports with all Governmental Agencies
  • COBRA Administration